One Man Can Make a Difference

Shipment of cocaine bricks confiscated by the ...

Shipment of cocaine bricks confiscated by the DEA. Photo credit: Wikimedia commons)

A boy was raised in a poor country fraught with corruption.  He was sent to work in the drug trade at a young age and was influenced to believe there was nothing wrong with drugs or the drug trade.

He showed promise in linguistics, and so was taught multiple languages. He was groomed to be a drug trader because he was capable in business deals and good with math. As he moved up the ranks he was able to send more money home to his family, a fact that gave him great satisfaction.

As he became a man, he was sent on several test trades and observed for his ability to deal with conflict and pressure.  He performed well, and was given new power and a position that involved relocating to another country.  While there he met a beautiful young woman who won his heart.  She was unaware of his occupation and believed the lies he gave about his past and job responsibilities.  The more he had to lie to her, the more disturbed he became.  Finally he made the decision to tell her the truth.

In a secluded restaurant with only his bodyguards at a table nearby, he revealed his true position.  He had practiced the delivery to make it sound admirable by the great struggles to attain his position and the high expectations that he met.  He explained that he was a businessman, meeting demands similar to any exporter of goods; but found that as he spoke he could not read the woman’s eyes.  Finally he found the courage to ask her thoughts.

The woman was silent before finally revealing that her brother had died in a drug deal two years before.  She described his downward spiral from promise into criminal activity and desperation with mechanical words.  As she recovered from the shock of his revelation, she made it clear she could not see him again. He was disappointed and heartbroken, but let her go without pressure, for her story haunted him, and rocked his confidence in his occupation.

A year went by and the man’s innocent acceptance of the drug trade had changed into a grim understanding of the lives it destroyed and the evil its illegal activities condoned.  He witnessed one too many deaths of teenagers, and snapped.  He went to the local authorities and offered to work on their behalf to end part of the drug trade for the region.  He purchased annuities that sent anonymous donations quarterly to his family, and hoped they would not suffer for his treachery.

Over the next year and a half he and the authorities waited and planned, using his position to gather only small intelligence and keep his position intact. The day came when the leader of the organization planned a visit, setting plans in motion that resulted in his capture, along with several others . Within two weeks the financial means and the entire leadership structure had failed in the disarray and chaos as the employees turned on each other.

The organization imploded, and the man found himself suddenly out of work.  As he prepared to return to his home country, he happened to meet the young woman again.  Telling her the story freed him; for he had told no one but the authorities to keep his family safe.  He turned to leave and wished her well when she stopped him, and in one look told him all he needed to know.  They were married 4 weeks later.

Moral of the story:

1 Now when Jesus was born in Bethlehem of Judaea in the days of Herod the king, behold, there came wise men from the east to Jerusalem,

Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

In this story I explore the difference a courageous person can make. In Matthew 2:1-2 We are introduced to some mysterious characters, the wise men. The Magi seemed to come out of nowhere (from the East we are told) and were familiar with things of the Jews, in particular they were looking for the one promised, just as the Jews were.  It is fascinating to figure out more on these mysterious men and to search the Bible for the word ‘Wise Men’ for other occurrences.  Magos or Wise Men in Babylon were put under Daniel in Daniel 2:48.  I found this link interesting on the subject

It is not impossible to consider that Daniel, being as devout as he was, shared his faith with the men he was over.  He may even have descendants who became Magi like him. To think of Daniel’s testimony, how he faced death and intrigue, must have been something not easily forgotten and perhaps some even believed.  Centuries later, we see ‘wise men’ show up looking for the one born king of the Jews.   How cool is it to think that one man’s faith made a difference like that?

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A wonderfully blessed, self-critical person who loves to learn new things, delights in the little victories and gifts, and deeply respects wisdom. I enjoy writing and telling stories. I love outdoor activities and my career, coworkers, family, and the wonderful folks in my church family who teach me so much about how to walk confidently when you can't see where you're going.

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