A Better Future

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Country music singer Gretchen Wilson performs to a capacity crowd of more than 15,000 fans (Photo credit: U.S. Navy, Wikimedia Commons)

A reality television show contestant from a small town became a sensation and achieved the prize for the most votes and most popularity.

  The contestant was granted touring rights and given a great deal of money to meet people and to perform.  Large crowds attended every venue for the new star, and proceeds were often split with worthy charities in the local area to everyone’s delight.

The attention and glamour certainly had an impact, but she had a rather stern father who kept her grounded in reality.  He reminded her of her roots and how fickle the crowds were, and how quickly a mistake meant the loss of interest and revenue that they were flooded with now.  He suggested she did not need to know how much money was made any longer, and instead she should have a set salary and put the rest in the bank.

She agreed, for it was so beyond normal incomes that the amount seemed overwhelming.  He also believed that a portion of her money should go toward establishing something meaningful in their small town.  She decided to open an orphanage and endow it with enough funds to see all its orphans attend a four-year college.

She received a letter from a child in a remote country, begging to be allowed to live in her orphanage.  The letter was convincing and authentic enough to compel even the star’s father to agree to bring the child for a short meeting.  The child recounted a short life of extreme hardship and horrors, kept strong by the belief in a better future.  The child’s eyes held no shadow of remorse as he recounted the day he first saw the reality show and her part in it.  His words faltered as he tried to speak through the tears that began to fall, but could not. His face told the rest of the story, relating the hope for a better future personalized for him by her performance.

Against all those who said the letter he wrote would not make it to her and was a useless waste of time, he had written anyway. It had taken weeks to find an address, and even longer to find the money for the postage, but it did not matter.  The better future would come, he had decided, whether the letter was received – or not.

Moral of the story:

Saying, Where is he that is born King of the Jews? for we have seen his star in the east, and are come to worship him.

In the second part of Matthew 2:2, we read that crossing great distances, the wise men journeyed with a purpose.  Certainly they had expectations of a much grander scale.  We know this because they came to the people first.  They must have been surprised to find that the people of this king were not able to answer them.

Even more it must have been a bit surprising to find the conditions that the baby lived in, for Mary and Joseph were not wealthy.  We know this because the payment they made for the ritual purification for Mary was 2 turtle doves or pigeons (Luke 2:22, 24), which was reserved for those in extreme poverty.  So the newborn king was certainly not welcomed in with all the accolades they expected.

These king-makers, these wise men with great wealth and prestige were on journey for a specific purpose, and they stated it openly to the people. They were not there to crown him, they were not there to look, they were there to worship.  Worship is intentional, it not getting caught up in the moment alone, it is letting your mind go to a higher plane and removing yourself from the equation.  I catch myself in worship being unintentional or lazy.  I put my energy into so many things, and yet I don’t have to spend my resources and travel to worship.  It’s what I was created to do, why do I fail so often at it?  It is my own lack of intention.

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