Waiting at the Intersection

Photo credit: Pixabay

Photo credit: Pixabay

The man stopped his car and checked the oil. He had checked it less than a week before and it just had a tune up.  Still, he had to know everything was perfect.  The car had been vacuumed and polished on the inside, but it would never look good enough.  He knew that his fiancé would probably laugh to find out he was nervous about this sort of thing.  He stopped what he was doing and jotted down a short note about how perfect he wanted the car to be for her.

His fiancé  was always full of energy and he wondered when she would slow down. Would it be after they had children? Maybe it would be after she was grey and wrinkled a bit. He considered the idea of his young, smart, energetic bride and smiled to think of her older and still his. His mind wandered to thoughts about where they might live, how they might spend their time, and what their biggest dream might be then. Today all he could think about was getting past the wedding, but he knew that one day that would be a memory.

The man had listened to family members talk about regrets and things they wished they had done differently in their relationships.  He made up his mind that it was better to express his feelings to any woman he felt strongly about, even if it was risky.  Maybe one or two women would take it badly or reject him, but maybe that was okay.   The woman he was now about to marry had loved him even more for it.  She seemed to open up more after knowing his fears and his mind on things he admired about her.  That was when he had started writing love letters to her.

Over the time of courtship with his bride-to-be, the man shared thoughts that he would never have told his friends or family. He decided that if she was the one he married, he would keep those letters and share them with her not just one time, but every year on their anniversary. He was determined to add to the letters as the years went by and not just buy a card that said things perfectly. Instead, he would use his own words to convey what she meant to him.

Tomorrow we will drive away in this car as husband and wife. This thought made his hands shake as he checked the oil level. He knew he didn’t deserve her, that she was high above him and didn’t need him like he needed her. His friends all seemed amazed that she had fallen for him, swearing she was blind or ‘pitied’ him. He couldn’t argue with them, it seemed true enough to him as well. She listened to him as if he was the most interesting man in the world. She smiled at his jokes, knew about his biggest flaws, and yet still accepted him.

The wedding day flew by in a whirl of activity and waiting in terror for the dream to be over and realize it wasn’t real. He looked at her standing next to him, smiling brightly as his Aunt recounted a humiliating story about him. Even the story seemed better looking at her and knowing she would meet his gaze in just a minute when the worst of it was over. Looking at the interest his bride showed on a story about him made him decide that perhaps the story wasn’t so bad. Besides, it wasn’t the worst thing he had ever done. He relaxed and let the story unfold.

It was evening and time for them to leave and they waved goodbye, laughing and talking as they drove down the road about all the events and people. It was good to be alone, both agreed. As they waited at the intersection for the green light the man glanced over and realized that this would be the first of many times he would sit at a light with his WIFE. It wasn’t a dream, it was real. They were no longer the same; they were together on the journey and adventure of life.

—————Thoughts that motivated this story—————

15 From that time on Jesus began to preach, “Repent, for the kingdom of heaven has come near.”

In Matthew 4:17 the author tells us that Jesus is beginning to preach.  It is interesting that the message he preaches is the same as the message John gave.  I don’t think it was given with the same tone as John, Jesus and John were completely different in their approach.  But the message did not change, it stays consistent.  What’s so special about the message anyway?  Prophets before used that word ‘repent’ but it had a different tone, one more like condemnation.  To me the difference is that this is a message of hope, and a promise of something new, exciting news worth spreading.
Repent because…prepare because…change the way you are before God because…stop lying to yourself and to God because….
There’s something wonderful ahead that can radically change your life forever!

I’m pretty sure that the kingdom of heaven was an unusual and unexpected term, and probably left people wondering what that meant really.  Even now I have paused in wonder – what did that mean exactly?  Its not like suddenly God showed up  and invaded Earth like a king invading a city in a physical way with armies of angels cleaning the place up.  I know we all want an end to misery and maybe a broken world forced to be right and good and accountable before a righteous king has a certain appeal. As I thought about this more I wanted to capture the idea of what that might mean.  I think it is very challenging to grasp a spiritual truth when we are physical beings and our minds don’t easily comprehend spiritual things.  But I can understand examples, and one of the common examples God uses in the Bible is marriage and covenants (promises).

In this story I wanted to reflect on the beginning of a major transition, when it is all still so new and just barely understood what that transition might mean down the road.    Even though I don’t think the people who heard Jesus or John had any idea what was in store, perhaps it gave them a chance to wonder.  It was like that with me when I tentatively decided I couldn’t make myself be good and to trust that Jesus made me clean without my doing anything to deserve it.  I didn’t get it all, I didn’t know or understand what that might look like in my life really.  I just knew I was worn out from trying, it was too much of a stretch to say I would ever ‘get it right’, so maybe it was time to try trusting God. That fledgling transition into the adventure of life with God is now such a precious moment and memory.  Worth every second of fear!

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