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(Continued from last time) Person glumly went to his mailbox in a foul and dejected mood.  The last few hours had been filled with guilt and waiting as his nephew had a cast put on and finally settled down. His neighbor had been very annoyed at him for not returning her dog and instead requesting the dog be retrieved at the clinic across town.  It was likely the dog would not be allowed to visit him again.

Person ripped open a fancy envelope, anticipating that it was more bad news.  Over two months ago he had submitted a resume for a position in one of Prosper’s companies.  A cursory response led him to believe the position had been filled.  He wondered if they had reconsidered his resume.  Hopes and wishes for an opportunity filled his mind as the possibilities were considered again.  Maybe the money he had paid for the ‘professional resume’ had actually worked.

He was a tenant of Prosper and had been mostly current on his rent – except for the last month.  At this thought he remembered just how indebted to Prosper he really was, and his mind settled back to reality.  He wasn’t experienced and now he had an embarrassing history with Prosper that wouldn’t go unnoticed.  Even if he was hired, Prosper could terminate him on the spot or worse – wait to fire him after he quit his current job.

Person couldn’t bring himself to read the letter for several hours.   He considered throwing it away, but he had to know what the letter said.  Finally in a moment of frustration he ripped it open and read the words that gave away nothing.  He arranged for an interview with a friendly man who seemed almost familiar .  He wondered what the man had heard about him until his stomach sank at the address and destination; Prosper’s suite.  He slept poorly that night and had dreams about a terrible interview involving his nephew’s broken hand and Prosper’s face.

The man he interviewed with was an old friend from school and his nerves had settled as they talked.  He admitted it had been a very bad few weeks.  To this his friend’s eyes brightened with interest, admitting he knew all about the court proceedings and Prosper’s actions.  He relayed that Prosper had requested that Person be considered, if he met with his friend’s approval of course.  His friend’s eyes twinkled as if this was a foregone conclusion, but did ask him a few interview questions that were not difficult.

The two shook hands warmly, talking as comfortably as they always had as they said goodbye at the elevator.  Person’s smile dropped as quickly as his eyes when he saw Prosper exiting the elevator and looking directly at him.  He could not hide or avoid the man, but he wanted to escape somehow.  Gathering his wits, he found his voice and greeted Prosper, thanking him for the opportunity to be considered.

“Considered?”  Prosper asked.  His eyes were on the friend as if to ask how the interview had gone.  As Person turned to also look at his friend he saw that old grin that told him his friend had held on long enough.  He was sure this was the gag he had expected and probably deserved.  Instead, with astonishment he heard the job offer and wondered if this was right.  Prosper’s handshake told him it was not a joke.  (Click here to read the next section of the story.)

—————Thoughts that motivated this section of the story—————

In this section I wanted to reflect on humility and being meek
5 Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

In Matthew 5:5 we are told about another promise, this time to the meek. It is similar to Psalm 37:11 “But the meek will inherit the land and enjoy peace and prosperity.” Meek is a tricky word. It has a ring of powerlessness and maybe even a lack of hope in our culture and lives today. Often we say that a child is ‘meek’ if they are shy and withdrawn. As a partial introvert I can’t say that is all bad because I kind of prefer that personality.  To be meek is to withhold power, to submit or surrender and that’s not exactly the kind of desirable quality you see with thousands of hits on YouTube.

I think it is very interesting that Jesus has chosen promises for the poor or bankrupt in spirit, those who mourn, and now the meek.  As a road map here’s how I see it going: I come completely without hope, I hate what I have done, and I now pay honor with humility.  It strikes me that all of this is really a description of repentance; a change in how I see myself, and how much more I give thanks to God in that state of painful sorrow. How different that is from the person who sets a list before God of all the things they need done.

There are great promises for going on this journey, for realizing Jesus didn’t come to those with confidence before the Lord. Rather than coming with gifts, we are promised gifts for surrendering, for honesty that we are without excuse or ability to fix ourselves. The inheritance of a new Earth is something I can’t comprehend, but that the latest promised blessing. I see the beauty of nature now and find it breathtaking. To imagine a perfect Earth not corrupted by sin as ours is – well something I can’t even fathom.

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A wonderfully blessed, self-critical person who loves to learn new things, delights in the little victories and gifts, and deeply respects wisdom. I enjoy writing and telling stories. I love outdoor activities and my career, coworkers, family, and the wonderful folks in my church family who teach me so much about how to walk confidently when you can't see where you're going.

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