Person’s New Roomates

bowl of ice cream

Dish of Ice Cream. Photo Credit: Wikimeda and Wikipedia

(Continued from last time) Person observed box after box brought into his apartment and placed in stacks all along the hallway. The couple had a lot more than he realized and it was evident that his place was a little small for all of it. They filled the broom closet and every nook that they could find.  He tried to make room for them by moving some of his things into his bedroom and he felt a little crowded because of it.

The first week was remarkably uneventful, in fact quite pleasant really. Charity and his friend Les were so relieved to be free from their rent that it was nice to be around them. They were tidy and thoughtful, going as far as making him dinner several nights in a row. They sat together on the couch afterward, talking and watching a show of his choosing. The dialog was comfortable and pleasant and he wondered how he had missed this side of Charity.

Person and Les commuted together to work and laughed at the ideas they had when they were younger. Everything they planned to be had changed into something quite different. Maybe he would never be the man he expected, but Person realized he really didn’t want that anymore. It seemed so plain and uninteresting to say out loud the things that he aspired to now. He wanted to make his mentor proud. It sounded so simple and unimpressive, but it was true.

After the first few weeks, the couple started to venture to their room after dinner. Person wondered at the change, but figured it was more comfortable for them to have some time alone. He didn’t about it, but merely wished them a good night after that. He wondered if Charity was tired of him or perhaps a little upset about something. She seemed to be a lot quieter and less interested in what he had to say.

Les started leaving the apartment in the evening, not really giving much information on where he was going. The friendship was still strong, so he didn’t wonder about it. Maybe he just needed some space or a place to unwind away from them. The financial situation wasn’t a topic of conversation any longer, and he wondered if something had changed. He hoped it wasn’t because Charity was spending money again.

Person was looking forward to watching a game one night. He and Les talked about it and planned to watch it together. Charity seemed uninterested, saying that she had other things to do. At some point during the first part of the game, Les went to talk with Charity and soon after left the apartment in anger. Person didn’t want to ask questions because he was pretty sure Charity had upset him.

Person was in the mood to snack during a break in the game. Rifling through the kitchen, he found a new carton of ice cream. He dished up a bowl when he heard the game start and he hurried back to the television. It was a close game and he was fully engaged and unaware of anything else, until he heard Charity yell his name. He froze, astonished to hear the tone of voice she used.

Again she called to him and this time he walked toward the sound. Charity was in the kitchen, glaring at him with eyes that seemed filled with contempt. Before he knew what was happening, a carton of melted ice cream was hurtled at him and he narrowly missed being hit. The wall behind him and the table were covered with melted, soupy ice cream remains. He knew it was his fault, but this outburst was a bit much.

Just as he started to respond he heard the door to the apartment open. Les was home and would find himself in the middle of a mess. He hurried to grab a sponge, thinking it would be best to minimize the impact of what had happened. Charity’s face was full of shame and embarrassment. She walked out of the kitchen to meet her husband, but he met her walking in the doorway. A quick glance at the wall and table were sufficient for him to figure out the situation.  (Click here to continue to next section.)

—————Thoughts that motivated this section of the story—————
In this section I wanted to focus on revealing a person’s hidden feelings

8 Blessed are the pure in heart: for they shall see God.

In Matthew 5:8 we read the next promise of blessing, to those who are pure in heart. I had to ponder this for a while. What does purity mean? I realized that I know more about what purity is not, it is what we live with every day. To be pure is to have an absence of impurities. When I was focused on being good instead of letting the cross of Christ be my good, I really struggled with this kind of verse. A command to be pure in heart was a to-do that I knew even my best efforts would fail on.

The wording is not an outward show of purity like someone who takes a vow of chastity or appears holy in some way or another. If it was, the wording would say more about action. This verse and most of the beatitudes focus on the internal, spiritual side. I say this because for this particular verse points out that the purity is from the heart. We all know people who are blind to their faults, and I would say at times all of us ARE those people. But even if we see what is in the deepest part of ourselves, it is a losing struggle to change our hearts.

At times of stress and anger, an ugliness can emerge that exposes the heart. It can be embarrassing for us, and surprising to those who witness it. No one has a pure heart, and inside all of us are things like bitterness and judgment.  A pure heart comes from faith in God, who is in the process of removing the impurities as we surrender ownership to Him. A pure heart comes from faith in God, who removes the impurities over time as we surrender to Him. As that happens, we will be granted spiritual eyes to see the living and mysterious God is vibrantly involved in our lives.

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