Person’s Resignation


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(Continued from last time) Les stared at his wife in dismay and apologized to Person for the way his wife had acted.  Person tried to help ease the awkward moment by pointing out his part, but could soon tell that wasn’t beneficial.  His phone rang and he was glad to have a reason to leave the kitchen.

His sister was calling, trying to find out if he had spoken with their widowed mother recently.  He had not, and asked why.  His sister didn’t have a concrete reason, but requested he pay her a visit soon because something didn’t seem right with her.  He agreed, and stopped by her place the next afternoon.  His mother was a bit down, for she was facing surgery on her shoulder and was worried about it and how to manage alone.   Person knew about her surgery, but had never thought of the ramifications.

His mother would be unable to lift anything, and driving would be very difficult.  After pondering the situation, he decided the best solution was to stay with her and care for her while she recovered.  He also suspected that his new roommates would benefit from time alone together.  It was time he made some improvements to her home that she had asked for anyway.  The relief on his mother’s face told him that the decision had put her at ease.  She was very grateful and it was nice to be appreciated.

His mother always complicated matters, but as the weeks went by, Person settled in and relaxed in the home he had grown up in.  It was a comfort to be surrounded by the familiar sights and sounds he remembered well.  It was a respite from the stress that had been compounding at work.  Recently he had noticed an undertone of hostility both in the office and in the business community.  He had heard that two competitors had joined forces to undermine the reputation of his boss Prosper and his companies.

Person made a judgment call one day which turned out to be wrong because of some facts he didn’t research fully.  He soon realized there was a problem, but didn’t know how to correct the mistake now that it was done, it was too late.  He realized that this would do more harm to Prosper’s reputation but he could not be blamed directly.  It was tempting to let the situation play out, but he had learned too much from Prosper.  After a short discussion, his mentor and boss understood the situation.

Person waited to hear Prosper’s thoughts or advice, but was disappointed to hear only “It’s okay, this is not the only problem we are facing.”  From the expression on his face he could tell the conversation was over.  Prosper was not blaming him, and did not seem surprised at all.  As he left the office, Person realized he must own the mistake to the competition and do so immediately.  He decided that although his clients may be angry, full honesty was the only acceptable solution and arranged a meeting with the affected parties.

Person forced the words out with a lump in his throat.  The wrong doing was his, and he took responsibility for it.  He scanned the faces in the room, but was unable to determine what anyone was thinking.  He had hoped for the best, but was prepared for the lack of response.  He went on to explain that because the judgment was his, he was now resigning as a show of good faith.  He heard the audible shock from those in the room and then he saw Prosper’s face.  There was a slight twinkle in his eye as if to say he was proud of him. (Click here to read the next section of the story.)

—————Thoughts that motivated this section of the story—————

After weeks of being sick, I finally found the strength to resume this continued story.  I wanted to show that achieving peace is not always from a place of strength, it is often wrought from sacrifice.  I want to thank my husband Matt for always being willing to work for peace with me.  It is an honor to have your help editing this blog and I love you.

9  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called the children of God. (KJV)
9  Blessed are the peacemakers: for they shall be called sons of God. (ASV)

What is a peacemaker?  In Matthew 5:9 Jesus tells us they are blessed.  The person who travels with the red cross and helps in times of crisis comes to mind.  A person who will step in the middle of a conflict if they believe there is a resolution is another.  Although I would probably do the latter, I am not one who has stepped up to risk my life like the first.  Could I still be a peacemaker?  Is the focus on war and solving mankind’s conflicts?  I don’t think so because if it were the word of the Lord would be filled with condemnation for war, but that is not what I see there.  I also think the peacemaker is not another admirable quality we emulate or try to emulate.  It is more than that.

The Beatitudes are not a to-do list to fulfill for a certain number of days, and it is not something to strive for.  It shows you the failure we all are to a holy God.  We are not all peacemakers by nature, even if we love peace; we can’t fix strife. To be a peacemaker is to reflect the light you have been first given, and the ability to do this is not from me or you.  Let go of that list, and huddle in closer to God.  He has enough love to show us the real and ugly truth, that we are not loveable to Him.  Not in the way we think of loveable, which is having something inside of value.  Jesus came to seek and save the lost, not to call us to be good.  The cross wasn’t a self-improvement course that we take to better ourselves.  It was and is a reminder that our best is not enough, but belief in the cross does lead to peace.

Following the progress  of the beatitudes I see it like this:  I realize my inability to please God, that I am lacking in spiritual matters (vs 3).  I realize the wrongs and justifications I’ve used, the sin in my own heart and that makes me mourn (vs 4).  I feel unworthy and meek (vs 5)and cannot hold my head up for I have realized my condition is worthy of punishment.  I fall down in shame and ask for mercy and find that my debts are paid at the cross.  I am elated, I am amazed, I suddenly want more of this spiritual relationship and I want to know more (vs 6) of God.  I have no more spite for others, for they are just like me so I give mercy (vs 7) like I was given.  I see the love God has for others and how pure  (vs 8) that love is, and I begin to love as well.   Through love I become able to bring peace (vs 9). In every step and through all of the progression I am promised an amazing future, comfort, satisfaction, mercy, the ability to recognize God, and now recognition that I have been adopted by God as His child.

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A wonderfully blessed, self-critical person who loves to learn new things, delights in the little victories and gifts, and deeply respects wisdom. I enjoy writing and telling stories. I love outdoor activities and my career, coworkers, family, and the wonderful folks in my church family who teach me so much about how to walk confidently when you can't see where you're going.

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