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Glad you stopped by.  If stories help you think deeper about a concept or gain a new perspective like it does me, you might find this blog useful.  Over the past year I’ve tried to stay on the course I set in studying Matthew, but the door was wide open on what the stories might be about.

Posts are found by organized by:

Similar Stories Category Bible Section
Art & Hobbies Faith Matthew 1
Career & Business Fear Matthew 2:1-7
Disabilities/Physical Challenges God’s Will Matthew 2:8-11
Dreams & Plans Hypocrisy Matthew 2:12-15
Famous People Judging Matthew  2:16-23
Friendship Praise & Worship Matthew 3:1-6
Hero/Strong Character Pride Matthew 3:7-10
Infamous People Purpose Matthew 3:11-17
Military Repentance Matthew 4:1-4
Nature & Weather Salvation Matthew 4:5-9
Overcoming Obstacles Self-Focus
Parenting Temptation  
Overcoming Obstacles
Racial Tensions
Sports & Outdoor Activities

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