Parables with a similar subjects are listed below.
A Tragedy on Christmas – A father’s choice to keep a secret leads to deep regret

Burden Exchange – A father must rely on his son to be the strength

Going Away Party – A story of a mother’s unconditional acceptance

Homesick – A young woman regrets decisions when her she misses her family

Hoping to Conceive – A proud mother’s dreams turn to hopes

Humble Beginnings – A young man and his mother overcome the odds

Just a Bad Dream – Two mothers learn how to forget the past

Motion Sick – A father-daughter outing becomes less enjoyable

My Baby Brother – A sister has certain expectations for her new brother

Oh…Cuss Word! – Lessons in parenting by example can smart at times

Quiet to Reflect – A woman realizes her part in a sibling disagreement

Racially Distinct – A bias is overcome by love in one mother

The Baby Gift – Young parents recognize a gift long after it is received

The Cave – Parents adopt a young author who gives them quite a scare

The Effective Tutor – A family’s focus on helping their son finally turns out well

The Litter Box – A foster child decides he doesn’t like his chores and gets creative

The Runt of the Litter – A tiny kitten turns out to be a hero to one family

To Be Famous – Being famous is not so rewarding to one family

Turning Back from Paradise – Even the best plans can fall through

Unjust Punishment – The consequence cannot really pay for a child’s mistake

Waiting to Go Home – A mother is separated from her children

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