Overcoming Obstacles

Parables with a similar subjects are listed below.
A Better Future – A young man’s vision changes his trajectory

Aggie – A couple must let go or continue in sorrow

Coulorophobia – A phobia is faced for the sake of love

Curious Crowds – A tragedy becomes a catalyst for artistic expression

Dog-Gone Fears! – An abused dog challenges his owners

Growing Old – A man decides a purchase will solve his problems

Hoping to Conceive – A woman’s yearning to be a mother is finally met

Humble Beginnings – A young man discovers a way to be financially stable

One Man Can Make a Difference – A man decides to rock the drug trade

One of the Tribe – An actor overcomes pressure and physical ailments

Racially Distinct – A daughter decides to risk a relationship to adopt

Racing With the Dogs – A wife wrestles with inexperience and a dim hope to race

The Cave – A young author is determined to continue writing even with her limits

The Face of Resolution – Parents decide to continue the competition, within reason

The Right Direction – Two friends are lost in the wilderness

Waiting to Go Home – An addicted mother is separated from her family

Your Family Will Be Here Soon – A couple wonders how to reunite a child with his family

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