Parables with a similar subjects are listed below.
A Nice Surprise – Being selfless has its consequences

Aggie – A couple disagrees on what is most important

Blinded By Fire – An old flame is rekindled after much has changed

Coworkers – Possibilities of an affair loom on the horizon

How Interesting – A man’s poor choices translate to relationship woes

Polite Conversation – A husband wrestles with care and opportunity

The Beach House – The time together may be short for one couple

The Flowers Didn’t Work – A young husband takes bad marital advice

The Waiting Game – A woman relaxes after she finds a man

Waiting at the Intersection – A groom tries to prepare for marriage

Waiting to Go Home – An addicted wife comes to value her husband

Watching From Afar – Part I – A boy’s fear immobilizes him from admitting his feelings for a girl

Watching From Afar – Part II – Even if the time is right, cowardice might get in the way yet again

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