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Conflict or Confused Timeline

Encountered an interesting dilemma between the Matthew and Luke accounts of Jesus early years. Here’s what I struggled with. To put it simply, how could Jesus parents take him to Egypt from Bethlehem and yet also take him to Nazareth

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The Foolish Wise Man

A professor who had made his own way in life was given a generous sum of money to change to another university.  He was already tenured and respected at his current university and compensated quite well. The decision was made after

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A Tragedy on Christmas

A volunteer fireman in a small town had duty on Christmas morning.  He had hoped to be done in time to have Christmas brunch with his wife, three children, and his father.  He drove toward the station in the early dawn

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Polite Conversation

A man booked a flight to a distant and unfamiliar location based on credible reports that it was full of opportunity in his field of work. Trying to save on expenses, he didn’t purchase the option to change or cancel

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