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Conflict or Confused Timeline

Encountered an interesting dilemma between the Matthew and Luke accounts of Jesus early years. Here’s what I struggled with. To put it simply, how could Jesus parents take him to Egypt from Bethlehem and yet also take him to Nazareth

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Hoping to Conceive

A musically accomplished woman married late in life.  It took a special man to help her see that a partnership and commitment might have its merit.  Her wedding was accompanied by a live orchestra, fitting because of her great love for

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The winter had been long and uneventful, and the young man struggled to wait patiently for spring to arrive.  There was plenty to do, but his great love was hiking outdoors. Every summer was spent along a riverbank or scrambling

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The Foreign Taxi Driver

A man waited years to be allowed the right to emigrate to another country where he hoped he could better his situation in life and his future.   His cousin had offered him a bed on his couch.  He studied diligently and

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