Stories about Family

A family struggles with indecision when their beloved cat is discovered pregnant just as they make plans to move.  All that change, with so many unknowns.  A very special kitten wriggles it’s way into their hearts, even if it is the runt of the litter.

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Stories about Pride

A teenager from a very poor family takes a risk and becomes a hero during a convenience store robbery and assault.  His situation and circumstances are radically changed by his actions and he believes himself better than he really is.

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Reflections on Matthew 1

In Matthew 1:1-6 we see the rise of the nation of Israel out of nothing but an insignificant man who did nothing really, he just believed God.  David and Solomon were at the pinnacle of Israel’s greatness, and the promise of Israel’s continued reign looked bright.  Just like the athlete in the story, their intentions and dedication were mostly admirable.

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What is this blog?

Glad you stopped by.  If stories help you think deeper about a concept or gain a new perspective like it does me, you might find this blog useful.  Over 2013 and now in 2014 I’ve tried to stay on the course I set in studying Matthew, but the door was wide open on what the stories might be about.

Select a topic from the menus above to jump right to a story, verse reflection, or topic.  To read more about this blog, here’s my story and what I believe.

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